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Whale Safari Andenes

Whale Safari every day, all summer long! Click the film to see whales, seals, Hot Pools, & more!

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Whale Safari from Stave – 25 years of whale watching tradition!

When you get to Stave, you will hear “whale watching” in a dozen different languages. The Whale Safari is just 15 minutes from Stave, and attracts people from all over the world. All summer long, Stave Camping is filled with people just like you who have traveled here for the exact same reason – to meet Moby Dick in the waters off Andøya. Trips run every day from May until September!

Whale Safari, Midnight Sun, Hot Pools and more!

When you stay at Stave, theStave Coastal TrailStave Coastal TrailSkogvoll Nature ReserveSkogvoll Nature Reserve, Stave BeachStave Beach, and the wild beauty of Andøya’s West CoastAndøya’s West Coast are all right outside your door. Rent a bike and explore the coast, or rent a kayakAndøya’s West Coast for an afternoon of exploration. Take a walk Take a walk!and discover your own secret beachSecret beaches. Spend an evening soaking in one of our steaming 38 degree Hot PoolsSteaming 38 degree Hot Pools.  And after your big adventure on the ocean chasing Moby DickMoby Dick!, get warm to the bones in our fabulous Beach SaunaThe Stave Beach Sauna.

Why you should choose Stave for your Whale Safari adventure:

Stave offers clean, budget priced cabins Stave Cabins and apartments Stave Budget Apartments for adventure travelers – and the best beach campingBeach Camping at Stave in all of Vesterålen.  It is important for visitors to understand that often it takes a few days get out on the Whale Safari – because of wind, weather, or ocean conditions. And if you are going to spend a couple of days on our island, Stave is the best place to stay.


Here’s why:

When it’s cold and foggy in Andenes – it is usually sunny in Stave.

Stave enjoys the best weather micro-climatethe best weather micro-climate on the whole island of Andøya.  The Coastal Mountains to the north  protect Stave from both the coastal fog and the strongest north winds.  This means it can be cold, grey and foggy for days at a time in Andenes – and all the while, it is sunny and beautiful in Stave.

Photo above – hiking the Coastal Trail from Stave. Click to view!

Whale Safari Andenes – the best whale watching tours in Lofoten & Vesteralen, Norway

Whale Safari Andenes is the leading whale watching tour operator in Norway, and during your stay at Stave Camping & Hot Pools you can be sure of the best possible chance for a close encounter with these giant creatures. Here’s why:

The deep waters of the Bleik Ocean Canyon – just north of Stave – is home to one of the northern hemisphere’s most stable whale populations, including giant Sperm Whales and the thrilling Orca “killer whales”. Whale Safari Andenes has a solid guarantee – if you don’t see whales, money back or another trip, no charge. They offer the shortest boat  journey to the whales. Just one hour or less and you are in the middle of the main feeding grounds!


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