Wet. Wild. Beautiful.

Stave Hot Pools

Steaming private hot pools overlooking the ocean– with thirty-eight degrees in the water, eagles floating above you,and the spectacular nature of Andøya’s west coast all around. Welcome to the Hot Pools at Stave!

T here are a total of six different hot pools overlooking the ocean at Stave. A wooden pathway connects the pools, and each hot pool has a private wooden veranda. Each pool is private – so when you book your hot pool, you get your own private hot pool for one and a half hours.

Since pictures are worth thousands of words, we invite you to enjoy the Stave Hot Pools Film  &  the Hot Pools photo gallery:

Please note – the evening rounds in the pools are often sold out, so advance bookings for evening pools are strongly reccomended. You can book your pool at the same time that you reserve your cabin or apartment.

P rice per person for your own private 90 minute hot pool kr 250 / person.  50% for children under 12. Pool minimum kr 500.


Email to reserve your hot pool, or call +(47) 926 01 257